Hidden/Cache (2005) Directed by Michael Haneke

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The Proper Art of Writing (1655)

I stumbled upon these calligraphy examples on The Public Domain Review. They are taken from a 17th Century German book. Some of the characters are so highly decorated aren’t even recognisable anymore. 

The volumes’ full title is as extravagant as the examples it shows:  The Proper Art of Writing: a compilation of all sorts of capital or initial letters of German, Latin and Italian fonts from different masters of the noble art of writing. See more here



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seventeen magazine, 1999

Conclusion: every single person I went to high school with (94-98) was emo?

Boardwalk Empire + Edward Hopper 

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Jean-Luc Godard - Une Femme Mariée (A Married Woman, 1964)

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Mulder in HD is too much to handle

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Continuity Polaroid of actors Scatman Crothers and Danny Lloyd on the Kitchen set of The Shining.