Contentment (1927). Maxfield Parrish.



"I think he understood me better than I did myself. He was observant and had a penetrating knowledge of people. He would talk often about relaxing and getting rid of one’s fears, which I think he found a way to do. But he never preached. If he helped me, he did it without my knowing, and with a gentleness which made me lose my sense of being intimidated. I had this great affection for him because I knew he understood me. It was an unspoken friendship, which was wonderful. He would open up his arms wide when he saw you, and hug you, and smile, and let you know how he felt about you. We lived at other ends of the world, but it was always the same."

Audrey Hepburn speaking about Cary Grant, seen above on the set of Charade, 1963

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Eilif Peterssen - Autumn Evening (1878)



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Magnolia (1999)

Anamorphic X Paul Thomas Anderson

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the virgin suicides (1999)

"when she jumped, she probably thought she could fly."

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Lonely Woman in a Park, Wladyslaw Wankie

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Concept art for The NeverEnding Story by Ul de Rico

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